Volga region state university of service

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VRSUS Hostel

Address: 29, Leningradskaya St., Togliatti, Samara region, 445020.

Phone: 8(8482) 48-68-16, 63-71-01, 28-18-91

Head: Nadezhda Petrovna Ledyaeva

At entering VRSUS nonresident students are provided with the hostel for all period of training. A comfortable building, completely provided with the telephone connection, is located: 29, Leningradskaya St.. A high level of access control is established at the hostel, the clearance and order are constantly maintained.

There are warm and cozy rooms for two-three persons. There are two kitchens with electric stoves devices and bathromms with showers and washing machines on each floor.

VRSUS students have an opportunity to be provided with the Internet in each room and to install stationary phone. Thus the computer hall with Internet connection is equipped in the hostel.

There is also a recreation room with audio and TV system in the hostel. There is an assembly hall where choreographic classes are carried out and fitness studios are functioned. The gym is also equipped.

There are guest rooms for parents in the hostel. Besides, the rooms for nonresident students, part-time students and entrants who take their session and entrance tests are also provided by VRSUS hostel.

The VRSUS hostel – is a constant participant of student's hostels competitions. In 2008 the Volga region state university of service took part in the II All-Russian competition for the Best Student's Hostel Title. For participation in the competition the diploma was presented to the VRSUS signed by N. I Bulayev, the Head of Federal Agency of Education and by G. I Merkulova, the Chairman of Labor Union of Workers in the sphere of the Russian Federation National Education and Science.