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Center of Third Age Education

Dear Sirs/Madams!

We are pleased to welcome you on the website of the Center of Third Age Education, established on the basis of VRSUS. What is the Center for? The Center of Third Age Education is a socio –educational project for elderly people and the people with disabilities. The center brings together and supports the people in their quest for full creative and socially useful activities with their own resources and desires.
Our center offers a wide range of education courses and accumulates various project teams engaged in active volunteer work in society on behalf of the Center. We strive to do for others. We assist adults in fulfilling their desires and needs. In our work we focus on the development of each individual, the cohesion of communities, participation in public life.

Today, as in former times, people of all ages seeking to improve their educational and professional level, broaden their horizons, to acquire new knowledge.

And we will give You such opportunity!
The Center of Third Age Education will start the first academic year in October 2015!
Welcome to us!


Doctor of Economics, Professor Anna Nikolaevna Kara