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FITS General Information


17, Gidrostroevskaya St., FSBEI HPE “Volga Region State University of Service”, Togliatti, 445677


(8482) 28-35-66, 28-11-14




Victor V. Ivanov, Professor, Dr.of Engineering Sciences

Deputy Dean:

Yelena A. Lisova, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

Associate Professor

Specialist of Quality Education:

Ekaterina F. Shamugia


Tatiana P. Bigeeva

Faculty of Informatics and Technical Services

General Information

The Faculty of Information and Technical Service (FITS) was organized in 1984 on the basis of Radio – Mechanic and Engineering Faculty. The faculty structure at that time included one academic department – "Radio Engineering" which had to provide the preparation of Engineers – Radio-Technicians. The first students’ graduation on 0701 "Radio Engineering" specialty took place in 1987. The first students’ graduation of a full-time department on specialties 2806 "Designing of Garments on Population Demand" and 2804 " Knitted Production and Its Repair on Population Demand" took place in 1993. The first students graduation on the specialty 0569 "Machines and Devices of Light Industry" took place in 1989.

Now FITS is strong, dynamically developing division of university. The main objective of faculty is education and preparation of new generation for the Volga region with modern thinking, formed and professionally prepared young people, capable to accept a situation, to be leaders.

There are 3 academic departments in the FITS:

  • Information and Electronic Service
  • Service of Technical and Technological Systems
  • Quality Management and Technologies in Service

And 3 non-academic departments:

  • Higher Mathematics
  • Modern Natural Sciences
  • General Professional and Technical Disciplines.

683 students are trained at a full-time department. At the faculty more than 65% of academic staff with a scientific Candidate of science degree and more than 12% with a scientific Doctors of science.

Following in a foot over time, satisfying needs of a labor market with the qualified experts, the faculty expands a range of the directions expert preparation. In 2006 according to the State educational standard of the specialty 100101 "Service" new specializations were open: "Car Service" which provides training of specialists in the field of car services, and "Service of Telecommunication and Information Systems" - service of mobile communication systems. Since 2006 the preparation on the specialty 230200.62 "Information Systems" was begun. In 2007 within the specialty "Service" specialization "Service at the Enterprises of Fashion Industry" was open.

Now at FITS the preparation on the following directions and specialties is conducted:

· 010300.62 “Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies”;

· 100100.62 “Service”;

· 210700.62 “Info-communicative Technologies and Systems of connections”;

· 230400.62 “Informative Technologies Systems of connections”;

· 230100.62 “Program Engineering”;

· 210400.62 “Telecommunications”;

· 230200.62 “Informational Systems”;

· 230100.62 “Informatics and Computer Facilities”;

· 210100.62 “Electronics and Microelectronics”;

· 210300.62 “Radio-Techniques”;

· 260800.62 “Technology, "Технология, Products Designing and Light Industry Materials”;

· 150400.62 “Technological Machines and Equipment”;

· 100101.65 “Service”;

· 100101.65 “Service of Telecommunication and Information Systems”;

· 210311.65 “Audiovisual Equipment”;

· 210303.65 “Household radio-electronic equipment;

· 260902.65 “Garment Designing”;

· 220501.65 “Quality Management”;

· 150408.65 “Household Machines and Devices”;

· 100101.65 “Car Service”.

On the FITS students receive skills of system thinking, learn to work with large volume of information. During training students receive fundamental preparation on computer technologies, mathematics, economics, management of technological processes.

The long-term acquired educational base of faculty provides highly skilled preparation of students and their constant demand on a labor market. Graduates of faculty work at the large industrial enterprises of the city: JSC AVTOVAZ, "AVTOVAZAGREGAT", JSC LADAPLAST, JSC AIST, "SMARTS", GM-AVTOVAZ, business concerns on service and sale computer, audio-, video equipment of JSC OLVIKO, JSC Tekhno-sila, JSC Kompas, in sewing studio and salons of JSC Stil plus, JSC Vasilisa, JSC Glores, JSC Legat, JSC Dress, JSC Gorizont, JSC Sloxi, design – studios, etc. mainly engineers and heads of structural divisions.

Special attention is paid to cultural life and leisure of FITS students. The students take an active part in work of the Student's center of culture and leisure, in issue of the Students’ Bulletin newspaper. The FITS students realize themselves in intra high school and city sports competitions, take part in creative and professional competitions of fashion shows. The special place among them is taken by competition of young designers "Arbuz", where the winners are our students.

What advantages of FITS specialties?

  1. The preparation is carried out according to the requirements of the state educational standards and allows to graduate with the diploma of the state sample about higher education
  2. The sphere of service covers all areas of life supported people, and it means that the experts of each FITS specialty are demanded in Togliatti and region labor market
  3. You have an opportunity to get a free education at the higher school! (55 budgetary places in the various directions and specialties of training of Specialists and Bachelors).

Welcome to FITS!