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FITS Organization of Training Process

FITS Organization of Training Process

Educational process is directed not only on getting of theoretical knowledge, but also necessary practical skills of work with the difficult household radio-electronic equipment and the computer equipment, garments designing, establishment of quality production. Training of students is carried out in the special laboratories equipped with the advanced measuring and processing equipment. The conditions for scientific and creative activity of students are created at the FITS. The hall of VRSUS technical library was open for students in 2007 at the FITS.

In 2000 FITS inter-department laboratory was created:

• complex laboratory of information and computer training

complex laboratory of computer technologies

inter-department laboratory of degree design

inter-department laboratory on special disciplines

inter-department laboratory of innovations and technical creativity

laboratory of chemical bases of modern technologies

laboratory of modern natural sciences and high technologies

In these laboratories practically the classes are given on all disciplines of the FITS. The teaching staff uses the latest Internet technologies and computer testing of students in the work.

Today it is already impossible to represent the Faculty of Information and Technical Service without MCL. Its employees not only accompany laboratory works in audiences, but also carry out technical and program support of divisions and departments, serve a computer network of all faculty of ITS.

The City Laboratory of Innovations and Technical Creativity is open for disclosure of scientific students potential, graduate students and teaching staff on the basis of the FITS. Here the students can independently show their knowledge and abilities in science and equipment. The Result of these researching works are interesting projects of students together with their teaching curators. Among them, for example, the lie detector, the light iron with bactericidal properties and many other things.

The FIST Departments conduct research state budgetary work in the framework of which many problems of the city and the region are solved.

Applied (practical) works on development of nanotechnologies in VRSUS are conducted. On the basis of the FITS the Center of High Technologies is created for the following directions:

the combined technology of receiving multipurpose coverings on the basis of a supersonic gasdynamic method with the subsequent radiation heating of the received coverings in the range of lengths for radiant energy waves 0,02-800mkm that will allow to localize effect of heat treatment and structurization in nanogradient areas (a scope: automotive industry and municipal services);

the combined technology of receiving nanogradient thin-film wearproof and heat-resistant coverings on the basis of an ionoplazmenny method that will allow a direct method to optimize receiving nanogradient structure of strengthening coverings (a scope: stomatology, military industrial complex (shovels of gas turbines, etc.));

expansion of a scope of thin-film nanostructures at creation of operating processes and the measuring converters reproducing continual and logical operations and in other areas of scientific activity of university with use of a positive effect of nanotekhnlogiya (a scope: integrated schemes).

Fundamental (theoretical) work on development of nanotechnologies is conducted at the FITS:

development and research of measuring converters and operating processes nano - and subnanosecond permission on the basis of the uniform relator structures reproducing continual and logical operations.