Volga region state university of service

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Programs of IE Additional Professional Education

Programs of IE Additional professional Education

Accounting information systems 1C:

Accounting 8.2 with programming elements

Accounting and Taxation



Management of Financial Assets in Stock Market

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Broker

Strategic Enterprise Planning

Business Plans Development and Investment Projects Analysis with Software Using: INEK – Analyst, Project Expert, Microsoft Project, Alt-Invest

Enterprise Analytical Activity with Software Using: INEK Analyst, Project Audit, Alt-Finance

Applied Web Design

Business Management Organization.

Business Planning

Commercial Logistics

Business Activity Bases

Manager in the Sphere of Housing and Communal Services

Block of Flats Management

AHO (Association of House Owners) Management

Sales Manager

School of Effective Sales

Merchandizing and Trade Activity

Merchandizing and Examination of quality and Certification of Services and Works

Computer Safety in Economic Information Systems.