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Accounting, Analysis and Auditing Department


4, Gagarin St., Science and Research Center, FSBEI HPE “Volga Region State University of Service”, Togliatti, 445677




(8482) 22-91-96



AAAD Head:

Olga Ivanovna Vasilchuk

Head of AAAD Laboratory:

Ludmila Anatoliavna Tsapenko

Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (AAAD) Department

General Information

For the first time students entered "Accounting, Analysis and Audit" specialty in 1981, when our present VRSUS was still the branch of Moscow Institute of Technology. From 100 students a half was full-time students, a half – part-time tuition. V.A.Iyevlev, the director of the Tolyatti branch, offered to organize Economics Faculty from four departments; this offer was considered at the assembly of the administration on October 18, 1982.

In August, 1983 on the basis of the opened Economics Faculty the preparatory office on evening form of education began its working, including "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing" department. That year, on September 5, the head of Accounting and Work Organization department A.N. Tsapenko, Candidate of Economic Sciences, - the competent expert in the field of accounting - was appointed. The first teachers V.A. Mrykhin, Candidate of Economic Sciences, T.N. Guskova, senior teacher - started working together with him.

In connection with the occurred organizational changes, the "Accounting and Work Organization" department began to be called "Accounting and Analysis of Economic Activity" since 1984. In studied disciplines the emphasis was placed on knowledge of the perspective directions of the domestic analysis and sciences adjacent to it.

1985 became significant for AAAD life. The first graduation of students, six of them graduated their diplomas with honors. Secondly, the staff of the AAAD filled up with highly qualified specialists: G. N. Gogina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences and E.V. Sablukova, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences. Two young teachers L.A.Nasakina and S. V. Nikolaev, graduates of AAAD, were invited to work at our Institute.

In the summer 1986 the part-time students graduated from the Insitute . O.I. Vasilchuk began her teaching at the AAAD after her postgraduate study, than four young specialists N.V. Nikitin, E.E. Spiridonova, I.V. Palagina, L.A. Paramonova also came to AAAD - all former students of E.V. Sablukova’s group where she was as a curator.

In January the 1987th "Accounting and Analysis of Economic Activity" Department was headed by G. N. Gogina, Candidate of Economic Sciences, and in three years E.V. Sablukova, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor headed that department. Since June 21, 1995 O.I. Vasilchuk, Candidate of Economic Sciences was appointed as the head of the department and heads it nowadays.

Due to the need to open new demanded specialties, in 1996 there was one more organizational change of "Accounting and Analysis of Economic Activity" department. On the basis of special disciplines of our department Finance and Credit department was founded by the Rectors order on February 12, and the department began to be called "Accounting and Auditing"

The Department was renamed in "Accounting, Analysis and Audit" by the Rectors order and now it is well- known chair "Accounting, Analysis and Audit".

The department was renamed in Accounting, Analysis and Auditing by the Rectors order in 2003-2004.

The "Accounting, Analysis and Audit" Department carries out the preparation in two directions (specializations):

1 . Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in the Commercial Organizations.

2 . Accounting, Taxation Control and Judicial Accounting Expertise.

AAAD Staff are headed by Olga Ivanovna Vasilchuk - the AAAD Director, Ph.D, Professor - marks out the main advantages of receiving accounting education in VRSUS: high qualification of staff; the techniques of training fulfilled during many years; an instant reaction to changes in conducting accounting and auditing; use of computer programs when training; great demand on graduates of this specialty

During the training course the students carry out a large number of practical works, consolidating the received theoretical knowledge in the field of accounting, auditing, the economic analysis, taxes and the taxation. Expanded studying of modern information technologies is included in the training program - systems of automation of accounting, much attention is paid to the questions of standards of the account and the reporting.