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Economics, Organization and Commercial Activity Department

Economics, Organization and Commercial Activity (EOCA)


VRSUS Volga Region State University of Service
4 Gagarin st., Togliatti,
Samara region, Russia, 445677


-510, -511


(8482) 22-24-96




Yelena V. Bashmachnikova, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor



You can find all detailed information on chair work, EOCA students, teaching staff on an independent site of EOCA. This site also allows to realize many kinds of feedback - we will be glad to answer any questions and offers!


The "Economics, Organization and Commercial Activity" (EOCA Department) is considered to be one of the best in Volga Region State University of Service.

1993 - the order on creation of new Department is signed with the obtained name "Economics and Production Organization". Yelena G. Pipko (Cand.Econ.Sci., associate professor) headed the department at that stage.

2001 By that time Volga Region Institute of Service carries out for the first time a group of entrants on 080301 "Commerce (trade business)" specialty, and 080401 "Merchandizing and examination of goods (in the sphere of production and the address of nonfoods and raw materials)" specialty was opened in 2003.

2003 The department received the status of graduation and was renamed in "Economics, Organization and Commercial Activity".

By that time seven Candidates of Economic Sciences had been working at EOCA department.

2004 Yelena Valentinovna. Bashmachnikova, Dr.Econ.Sci., professor becomes the head of the department.

Now the "Economics, Organization and Commercial Activity" Department organizes an educational process at once in several directions of specialists training in the sphere of higher education: Economics 080300.62 "Commerce", Trade Business 100700.62 "Marketing in Trade", Merchandizing 100800.62 "Merchandizing and Goods Expertise (in the sphere of production and circulation of commodity and raw materials)" and "Commodity Management", 080100.68 "Economics" (the Master program) in full-time and part-time forms of education.

On the basis of EOCA Department the group on the specialty of secondary vocational education ("Commerce (on branches)") was organized in 2009 for the first time at the University - thus the 9th grade pupils of secondary school were able to come up to receive professional training on the basis of the University! A well-skilled teaching staff of the University, its material and technical equipment, the active scientific and student life have been decisive factors in the choice of the University for the secondary vocational training program. In the future the graduates of this program will be able to continue their training on the program of higher education, to have greatly deep knowledge.

In general the EOCA Department realizes a full cycle of training due to the program: secondary vocational education - bachelors program (HPE) and masters program (HPE), the work with the post-graduate is also carried out.

A full program of training of "Commerce" direction is implemented at different levels of education with the aim of acquiring a deep professional knowledge: according to the specialty of the PVE, the future graduate can then not only choose any of the programs of higher education and to continue it on the master's program, but go on his/her education on the next profile of "Commerce" (bachelor, master of Commerce).

All the program for students training are provided with necessary laboratories, equipment, literature and software: the EOCA Department has a laboratory of Merchandising and expert goods examination, as well as modern computer classes.

The educational process and scientific work at the EOCA Department provides a unique teaching staff and scientists. The EOCA teaching staff annually increase their scientific and pedagogical potential, participate in the international, all-Russian, regional, municipal, conferences and seminars.

During each academic year, the teaching staff works on methodological support of taught disciplines: operating programs, educational-methodical complexes are developed and adjusted, the test control of knowledge is carried out including the use of information technologies.

A great attention at the faculty is paid to new technologies in education, including developing its own e-learning courses on the disciplines, which greatly simplifies the process of mastering the material, allows them to receive all the necessary information in a convenient format.

In EOCA Department the dissertations for searching Candidate of Economic Sciences Degree were prepared and successfully defended at the dissertation Council K 212.331.01 at the Volga State University of Service.

Scientific-research activity of EOCA Department is an integral part of scientific-pedagogical activity of each lecturer. A great attention is paid to the scientific activity of the students.

• For training at the EOCA Department it is characterized to apply the combination of educational and scientific work, fundamental training in the chosen field of science with a narrow specialization.

One of the most important features of the educational process at VRSUS is the connection of training with the independent research, the direction of which is selected by the students themselves. Work in scientific circles, scientific student societies, their participation in student conferences along with studies in workshops, seminars allow them to make the right choice. Many students ' works are published in scientific journals and article collections.

EOCA students actively participate in the VRSUS public life, they are engaged in extracurricular activities and they are in a different creative studios, publishing articles in student publications, are fond of singing, choreography, CCI (Club of Cheerful and Inventive), theatre, annually participate in the festival-contest "Student spring", occupied prize-winning places.

The students are awarded with nominal grants, receive a free pass to the summer holidays for active educational, scientific and creative work.