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Natalia N. Skornichenko, Ca.Ec.Sci., Associate Professor

Dear friends!

Welcome to DMEND - one of the oldest VRSUS departments, successfully combining tradition of the higher school with innovative pedagogical technologies.

DMETD staff is united with a common prospective – to increase professionalism of economists and managers in Volga region. The demand for experts of this field is confirmed by researches of the Center of Professional Education, according to which an annual need for economists is increasing from 1305 specialists in 2014 to 1734 specialists in 2017.

Having chosen the preparation directions "Economics" and "Public and Municipal Administration", you will be demanded on the labor market as a competitive expert.

Success begins at DMETD!

Yours faithfully,

Natalia N. Skornichenko

Associate Professor

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Today the DMETD is a group of professionals, business enthusiasts who adequately carry out the mission - preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and management for the enterprises and the organizations of the city, the region, the country.

The DMETD began the existence in 1982 as section "Organization and Work Rationing" as a part of Accounting Department. In 1984 it was allocated in independent department, and the DMETD received its present name in 1992.

The first experts graduation was carried out in 1986. During DMETD existence from 1986 to 2013 of all 4438 experts in the field of economics, marketing, the public and municipal administration on full-time, part-time and short-time forms of education were prepared and let out. In 2002 there was the first graduation in "Marketing", and in 2003 - in "The public and municipal administration", in 2010 - in the direction of "Economics" preparation of bachelors and the experts in "Economy and management at the health care enterprise". The bachelors preparation in the direction 081100.62 "Public and municipal administration" (Regional Government and Municipal Management profiles) is again begun in 2013.

Now the DMETD realizes the main educational programs of the bachelor preparation directions: 080100.62 "Economics", 081100 "The public and municipal administration" and the specialty 080502.65 "Economics and management at the enterprise". Since 2008 the DMETD teaching staff takes an active part in realization of additional educational programs at the university: "Economist-analyst of the production and economic organization", "Warehouse and production logistics", " Small business organization", "Modern technologies of efficiency increase of specialists professional activity with documents" and others.

The main DMETD disciplines: "Enterprise Economics", "Organization Economics", "Management", "Enterprise Planning", "Organization of Production and Economic Processes at the Enterprise", "Organization, Rationing and Compensation", "Analysis and Diagnostics of Financial and Economic Activity", "Marketing".

The DMETD dynamically reacts to current trends of development in the sphere of higher education, developing new courses, such as "Product Quality Control", "Strategic Planning", "Economic Assessment of Investments", "Merchandayzing", mastering new educational technologies (slide lectures, business games, design modeling, etc.)

In educational process teaching staff actively uses the modern software, a media hall of scientific library, specialized educational laboratories. Innovative educational technologies, including, elements of distance learning are widely used.

The staff of 18 lecturers works at the academic department in 2013-2014 academic year, with 2 doctors and 12 Candidates of Economic Sciences. The economists are involved in the teaching process of profile disciplines practicians, top managers of the large enterprises in Togliatti.

DMETD teaching staff constantly strengthens their scientific and pedagogical potential, participating in the international, regional, city conferences and seminars, round tables, regularly increases their qualification according to the federal programs.

Now the DEMTD develops scientific partnership with the related departments of higher education institutions having similar scientific interests.

In a circle of scientific partners are included:

• "Organization and Business Economics" Department of St. Petersburg University of Service and Economics

Economics Department of Ufa State Academy of Economics and Service

"Economics and Enterprise Organizations" Department of Omsk State Institute of Service

"Business and World Economics" Department, Stavropol State Agrarian University

DEMTD Business partners are "Alter's" co-working-cent, JSC Avtomig, JSC Gurman and some other enterprises.

Today DEMTD is the modern, dynamic community of professionals in the field of economics and management, opened for all comers to carry out joint development for the benefit of Russia.