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IE General Information

IE General Information

The Institute of Economics (IE) was founded by VRSUS Rector’s order of No. 16/03 of 23.01.2006 on the basis of the oldest and prestigious faculty for the purpose of professional development of experts and satisfaction of regional requirement, for experts with the higher education in the field of Economics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Commerce and Informatics to satisfy the region needs. Nowadays, within the change process of economic relations in the country and requirements of real economy IE keeps the leadership at VRSUS due to the popularity of specialties and a demand of experts.

Head of the Institute: Anna Nikolaevna Kara, PhD in Economics, Professor.

Assistant director: Tatiana Sergeevna Veshniakova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor.


Gagarina 4, G-301, tel.+7-10-8482 22-98-16,

e-mail: ie@tolgas.ru

The extensive traditions of preparing specialists of the highest qualification in the economic field provide the constant employment need on the labour-market. The alumni of the Institute of Economics work at the service industry, big citys enterprises, hold leading positions in the banking, work in the city-hall, and have a successful business in a service industry.

The Institute of Economics includes 7 academic departments:

  • “ Economics and Management”
  • Economics, Organization and Commercial Activity
  • Applied Informatics in Economics
  • Management
  • Accounting, Analysis and Auditing
  • Finances and Credit
  • Economics and Foreign Economic Activity
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics Department is non-academic.

Activity Aims and Purposes

Each IE specialty is interesting and unique by its own, and there is such wide range of the directions of economic preparation offered to you is capable to satisfy any of your requirements and tastes.

The advantages of the IE specialties choice at VRSUS:

  1. The preparation is carried out according to the requirements of the state educational standards and allows to get the diploma of the higher education.
  2. The sphere of economic knowledge application is unique and the services sector is the priority direction of modern world economy development.
  3. Our university and the Institute of Economics prepares the highly qualified personnel demanded on a labor market, business elite of the city and the Volga region as the whole.

Join us and you will appreciate it!