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Organization of Training Process

Organization of Training Process

The 1396 students are trained on a full-time department that makes more than 60% from being trained at the whole university, the 90th educational group is created. The scientific degrees of the candidates and the doctors of science are about 76% of the Institute of Economics. The average age of IE staff is41 years old.

The system of students’ training is carried out according to the requirements of the state standard for the certified specialist and it gives the teachers the opportunity to use various forms and methods of carrying out the classes, widely to apply modern means and technologies of training. The students have all the opportunities for their research work under the leadership of the skilled and qualified staff, for their participations in scientific-theoretical and practical conferences during their training.

The scope of IE final qualification works corresponds to modern level of economists preparation of high qualification, to modern level of regional features of any enterprise activity, to the level of actual questions of the state and market tendencies.

Students occupations take place in the classrooms and the laboratories which meet modern requirements to their conditions and the level of material support.

The important place in system of IE specialists training is occupied by information technologies.

The computer equipment is used in an educational process within studying of the following disciplines: "Information Scientist", "The Automated Information Technologies in Economics", "Automated Workplace of the Expert", and also studying all-professional and special disciplines.

In educational process the following license software is used: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Ait-Invest, 1C-Enterprise, BEST (office, planning, marketing), Consultant Plus, Guarantor, Delphi, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Share Point Portal Server, Microsoft Biz Talk, SAPR AutoCAD, SAPR ArchiCAD, SAPR "Compass".

The base of students training in the field of information technologies has got 8 computer laboratories equipped with computers of the class Pentium IV with an exit in the Russian networks and the global INTERNET network. Display time for one student makes 220 hours during training.

The IE participates in the realization of various educational programs: pre-profile preparation of the 9th forms of school students in municipal educational institutions of Tolyatti according to “We Are Economists” program, higher education programs on 9 specialties, 7 directions of Bachelors preparation, 24 specializations, a wide range of programs for additional education, allowing to get various skill levels, beginning from working professions before specialists training of the highest level.