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Organization of Training Process

Organization of Training Process

Training of specialists is carried out according to the requirements of RF state educational standards of specialties.

In the courses of training the lecturers use various forms and training methods, innovative educational technologies, such as: Internet testing, rating systems, remote education, block system of teaching, telecommunication methods, etc.

A number of disciplines is carried out in specialized laboratories to increase efficiency of development for students through a theoretical material and development of practical skills. The tourist firm "Tolyatti Tour" headed by Natalia P. Korovina functions at ITST. Carrying out master classes by leading experts of Togliatti hospitality industry is widely used. In educational process the noticeable place is taken by information technologies. The computer equipment is used during studying the following disciplines: "Information Technologies in S-CS and T", "Informatics", "Modern Advertizing Technologies", "Tourist's Activity Organization", "Automated Control Systems for Hotel Economics", etc.

The classes are given on these disciplines in the specialized laboratories equipped with Pentium 4 computers with Internet, having the license software.

The ITST offers the students to study of two foreign languages provided by curricula of specialties.

ITST students can study in addition any foreign language they like. The students have a possibility to continue their training abroad, in the leading higher education institutions of the world which are carrying out training of specialists for hospitality industry.

Besides theoretical courses educational process includes various practical works and training.

Practical works are passed in travel agencies, hotels, advertizing agencies and catering establishments, and also at the enterprises of the social sphere of the city and the region.

There is a possibility of training abroad. A number of ITST students used the present possibility, having passed their training in such countries as: Italy, the USA, the UK, Japan, Czech Republic, etc.

The subject for theses is formed proceeding from social orders by the enterprises of the social sphere and the hospitality industry.

Besides receiving higher education, the ITST students can master the programs of the additional education without a separation from the main study, allowing to receive various skill levels from working professions before the second higher education and postgraduate study.

The students who are studying at ITST receive fundamental knowledge in the field of the interpersonal relations. Our departments developed unique educational programs, containing the latest technologies in the field of management skill training. ITST training courses include the subjects of a psychological cycle connected with the analysis of the personality and the team. The curriculum includes the subjects connected with PC mastering and the Internet. Our student has an opportunity to study two foreign languages.

ITST classes, lectures and seminars may be taught in a classical form – in the audiences equipped with computer and interactive equipment and in the form of non-standard, creative practical works, allowing students to open their extraordinary abilities.

Practical preparation includes a series the practices at the most prestigious and solid enterprises of the city, in commercial banks, trading houses, travel agencies, the fitness centers, theaters, the design centers.

Educational work with students is the most important component of ITST activity.

The complete educational environment is created at the university included the following items:

• Legal education and training of students,

Civil and patriotic activity,

Sports and tourist activity,

Administrative and organizational actions,

Student's scientific activity,

Cultural and leisure activity,

Information support of students,

Image activity.

An accurate planning of actions on the whole VRSUS allows to realize these directions of educational work

Educational work in ITST consists of two interconnected components: the first is carried out directly in the course of the training, the second by means of carrying out actions of educational character in out-of-class time. The paradigm is put in a basis of educational system of any department that allows curators:

to carry out the unity of student's group;

to carry out deep studying of students’ specific features, their interpersonal relations, the relations in a family;

to create conditions for comfortable state and creative self-realization of each student;

to stimulate positive students behavior;

to assist students in difficult situations during their study, in the leisure organization, in their daily activity;

to organize and correct actions of teaching staff, students, parents;

to carry out correction of students interpersonal relations, especially in the conditions of a resolution of conflicts;

to organize collective creative actions, socially useful and labor activity;

to develop culturological bases at students: aspiration to universal values and ideals, mastering by bases of ethics and rhetoric.

Curators of groups pay special attention to formation of students healthy lifestyle: discussions, debates, conferences about physical and mental health of students are led; about risk factors, about prevention of youth socially significant diseases, prevention of autoagressive forms of behavior; about receptions and methods of a hardening, a balanced diet; culturological aspects of health, basis of familistics, problems of personality safety in the modern world, and also possibility of use of means of physical culture for optimization of efficiency of students are considered.

At ITST there are the events which promote the maximum stimulation of an active condition of all main structural components for the identity of future social worker, the expert of the social and cultural sphere, familiarizing with a profession during whom there is its high-quality improvement as the professional and active individual are held. These are such actions as "The International Day of Tourism", "Social Workers Day", "Day of Poetry", round tables with representatives of professional communities, various creative competitions and actions, master classes and meetings with practical experts from profile structures of the city, the organizations, evenings of meetings with ITST graduates.