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Institute of Part-Time Traning

Institute of Part-time Training (IPTT)


VRSUS Volga Region State University of Service
4 Gagarin st., Togliatti,
Samara region, Russia, 445677


(8482) 22-90-34

(8482) 22-93-94




Oleg V. Zimovets

Deputy Director:

Svetlana S. Starikova

General Information

Part-timestudy at VRSUS is a competent trainingof the professionals, ready to work and study!

The graduates of high comprehensive schools and specialized secondary educational institutions can get the correspondence higher education at VRSUS Institute of Part-time Training.

The graduates of higher educational institutions can get the second higher education on the intensive form.

The part-time course provides sessions twice a year for the period of 20 days – during the winter and spring and summer periods. During the period between the sessions, each last week of month adjusting sessions are held where lectures and practical classes are given, then the consultations on writing course and examinations are conducted. The curriculum of part-time course in higher education institution is constructed so that the students who are training in such form, take a full course in the chosen directions (specialties), as well as on full-time study.

The leading VRSUS teaching staff works at Institute of Part-time Traimimg. ICS Students are provided with a set of educational and methodical materials for successful mastering by knowledge of the declared disciplines. On VRSUS site there is all necessary information which allows the student to receive the information without leaving the house, by the Internet. The system of the correspondence education means passing of total state exams and protection of final qualification works at the end of training. ICS Graduates receive the diploma of the statestandard ofhigher education.

Such form of study is convenient forthose people who possesses a high motivationfor education and who wants to put their knowledge into the practice even during study, who is able to organize their own time and to study disciplines independently.


• an opportunity to get the highest professional education free of charge (at the expense of financing from the RF state budget (for students arriving for full-time study);

an opportunity to receive additional paid holiday during carrying out examination sessions;

an opportunity to receive two higher educations in full-time and part-time forms of study in common;

convenient schedule of training;

identical terms of training in full-time and part-time forms of study;

this form of training allows to combine work and study;

existence of electronic library and possibility of remote access;

possibility of training through elements of remote education;

to acquire the profession which is widely demanded on a labor market.


On the basis of secondary (full) general, primary professional, secondary professional non-core education - 4 years (Bachelor), 5 years (Specialist).

On the basis of secondary professional profile education: 3 years.

On the basis of higher education of the corresponding profile: 2 - 2,5 years.

On the basis of higher education non-corresponding profile: 3 years.

The structure of ICS includes an extensive network of representative offices and branches in Syzran. Our representative offices are located in Samara region, Ulyanovsk region, Penza and Saratov regions. In representative offices and branches there is a vigorous promotional and informational activity. On any question it is possible to address to regions and to get competent advice.