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Business-Incubator (BI)


VRSUS Volga Region State University of Service
4 Gagarin st., Togliatti,
Samara region, Russia, 445677




8(8482) 26-45-61




Vadim N. Yakunin


Natalia V. Strelkova

BI is an innovative network platform of university.

The purpose of BI is the intensification of university innovative activity by the way of involvement of students, graduate students, teachers, scientific and other categories of employees of university to practical implementation of innovative projects on the basis of providing optimum conditions for creation and effective activity of subjects for small and average business.

BI was created in 2011 for rendering effective support preparing for creation small and average collectives, including innovative, business of structures; among them there are students, graduate students of teachers, scientific and other categories of employees - business of the teams, to again formed enterprises, in an initial stage of their operation (business incubation).

BI Activity Purposes

The purpose of BI activity is formation and development of innovative and enterprise capacity of university by selection of the students capable and motivated to business, graduate students and employees of university, creation of conditions for more effective mastering of common cultural and professional competences by them, developments of business activity skills and abilities, carrying out scientific researches and further commercialization of their results according to problems of strategic university development.

BI main objectives are:

  1. Increase of innovative and business activity of students, graduate students and employees of university;
  2. Creation and strengthening of connections between business, science and education.

BI carries out the following activities:

  1. Making selection of business teams for inclusion their work of BI. and Organizing the process of implementation of business projects, including creation of innovative and other structures of small and average business.
  2. Creation of optimum conditions for starting development of small and average business structures by attraction of informational, scientific, creative, technical, administrative resources of university, and as solutions of organizational questions, rendering assistance in licensing and certification, accounting statement according to normative legal documents, other questions concerning the organization of effective activity of data of structures.
  3. Rendering services on business-consultation of students, graduate students, employees of university, the enterprises and the organizations, and also other services in commercialization of ideas on a contractual backgrounds.

Services in business consultation:

  1. carrying out market researches;
  2. carrying out analysis of innovative and enterprise projects efficiency;
  3. development of business plans;
  4. search of potential investors;
  5. development of programs for production advancing of and/or services of small and average business structures;
  6. statement of budgeting systems;
  7. consultation on questions of conducting accounting and taxation;
  8. legal maintenance of activity;
  9. consultation on development questions;
  10. administrative consulting and business - activity engineering;
  11. other services.

BI renders services in business incubation that can include the solution of questions on granting by university of rooms, workplaces, furniture, computers and copy equipment, means of communication, use of secretary service, conducting accounting, consulting, information, educational and other services.

BI assists business teams, structures of small and average business in attraction of investments.

BI gives support for small and average, innovative business structures at the decision: administrative tasks, elaboration of strategy and development tactics, negotiating with partners, investors, the credit and other organizations, participation in exhibitions, carrying out presentations and in other aspects of business.

BI carries out creation of the mechanism, legal base and regulating documentation for economic and expedient involvement of students, graduate students and employees of university for work in BI.

BI carries out monitoring of team work and business structures activity over implementation of business projects and control of observance by them ruled uses of university resources.

BI will organize the joint scientific, research, educational and other actions aimed at the development and support of business with other divisions of university and the external organizations.

BI will organize and supports BI representation on the Internet, carries out the notification of interested persons in and out of university about actions and the BI projects.

BI forms a base of information resources. These resources include training materials on various carriers, literature, forms of standard documents, investment agreements, databases and contacts of potential investors from their consent.

BI promotes adaptation small and average and innovative business structures at result exit from BI.

Economic bases of BI activity

At the initial stage of development of BI financing is in priority carried out at the expense of university means. Within the growth process of works amounts the priorities in financing have the status “own” and raised funds small, average and innovative, business structures interested in realization of innovative and business projects.

Financing of BI work is carried out for the account:

  1. The means of university within implementation of university development program;
  2. The means of innovative and other structures of small and average business participating in realization of innovative ideas and business projects, acting as BI innovative platforms.
  3. Own means of BI created as a result of innovative and business - projects realization;
  4. Means arrived for the rendered services BI;
  5. Charitable contributions and donations;
  6. Other sources which haven't been forbidden by the current legislation.

The BI material base is formed of rooms and the equipment, allocated by university, including on the basis of information technologies faculty, the third-party organizations on a contractual background and also the third-party organizations received as a result of charity.

The equipment and the property allocated by university, and also BI acquired in the course of activity is assigned to BI, and in case of disbandment or reorganization, transferred to university.