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Exposition Design Laboratory

Exposition Design Laboratory

Exposition Design Laboratory of the Volga Region State University of Service is a structural subdivision of the university. It was created in the framework of the Fashion creative workshop on basis of the Continuing Professional Education Center in March 11, 2010.

The aim of the laboratory is to develop a systematic approach to the university design-exposure activity, to create conditions for the practical realization and implementation of teaching staff’s and students design and artistic developments.

The main tasks of the laboratory:

• Organization and conduct exhibition work of the faculty and students of art majors at the University and other city venues, as well as the cities of Russia;

Organization and holding international and regional design competitions, including theInternational Competition of Young Designers “ARBUZ(www.arbuz-design.ru);

organization of the students fashion collections demonstrations, exhibitions of students' graphic design projects, interior design, arts and crafts;

Execution of contracts and applications for teaching staff's and students participation in national and international design projects.