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Publishing and Printing Center

VRSUS Publishing and Printing Center(PPC)

4, Gagarin St., Togliatti, 445677


Elena E. Spiridonova

Director of VRSUS Publishing and Printing Center



VRSUS Publishing and Printing Center(PPC) functions more than 13 years. The structure of the centre was transformed from the generated reproduction laboratory and editorial-publishing department.

The main objectives of the Publishing and Printing Center is the organization and implementation of editorial-publishing activity at VRSUS, the publication of educational, scientific and other kinds of literature in the interests of the educational process and research activities of the University.

The PPC production is the course-books and textbooks, teaching literature, including with a signature stamp of Educational and Methodical Association and the RF Ministry of Education and Science, collections of tasks, handbooks, workshops, methodical literature, as well as monographs and collections of scientific research

PPC staff are high-qualified editors, proofreaders, designers, print specialists – they have professional, creative approach to the work and treat the business with love, constantly implementing and using new equipment and technologies, increasing quality of publishing preparation and printing of book production. In PPC there is a friendly creative atmosphere which allows to keep innovative style of work.

Every year VRSUS requirements in educational, scientific and other types of literature steadily grow. In recent years the quantity of the published literature considerably increased: to 380 titles of 1620 user-publishing sheets a year. Besides, annual release of educational literature makes about 190 titles with 1103 user-publishing sheets a year. The general circulation of the published literature in 2008 is up to 71750 pieces. The PPC publishes educational and scientific books of various field of research and subject such as economics, management, marketing, ecology, health and safety, social work, informatics, cultural science, natural sciences, history, information and electronic service, etc.

The PPC offers the following services:

Editorial services:

  • literary editing
  • updates
  • computer imposition
  • design

Printing services:

  • printing small and average runs of books, journals, brochures in a soft cover
  • printing of newspapers, forms, flyers, booklets and brochures, catalogs
  • production of business cards, diplomas, certificates, admissions, permits
  • performance of binding works