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VESTNIK of VRSUS. Series "Economics"

16.gif The journal VESTNIK of Volga region State University of Service. Series "Economics" is published since January 1995  

Periodically 4 times a year. 

Schedule log: March, June, October, December

The journal is included in the list of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, 
which should be published in the main scientific research results of dissertations on competition of a scientific Doctoral degree and Candidate of Sciences

(revised on December, 2014)

Chairman of the Editorial Board (Chief editor):

Lidia I. Erokhina, Dr. Ec., Professor, Rector of Volga Region State University of Service

Deputy Chairman of the Editorial Board (Deputy chief editor):

Elena V. Bashmachnikova, Dr. Ec., Professor, Head of "Economics, organization and commercial activity" Department, Volga Region State University of Service.

Editorial Board Members:

Irina V. Goncharenko, Dr. Ec., Professor, Mykolayiv National Agrarian University, (Ukraine);

Olga G. Chirva, Dr. Ec., Associate Professor, Uman State Pedagogical University (Ukraine);

Mikhail I. Artyukhin, Can. Phil. Sci., Associate Professor, Head of the Center for Monitoring Scientific Staff Migration of the National Academy of Sciences, Belarus;

Shamil Z. Valiev, Dr. Ec., Professor, Head of the Department of Strategic Development, Head of “Regional Economics and management" Department, Ufa state University of Economics and Service;

Alla P. Gorina, Dr. Ec., Professor, Mordovian State University named by N. P. Ogarev;

Alexander A. Nechitailo, Dr. Ec., Professor, Head of “Publishing Business and the Book Trade" Department, Samara State Aerospace University named after Academician S.P. Korolev. (National Research University);

Irina A. Firsova, Dr. Ec., Associate Professor, Department "Corporate Management", Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation.

Larisa V. Ivanenko, Dr. Ec., Professor, Department "City Economy and Municipal Management", Samara State University.

The journal is distributed in Russia and abroad through the company LLC Agency “Press of Russia” (subscription index 84641) targeted mailing and retail. The subscription to the journal VESTNIK of Volga Region State University of Sevice. Series  "Economics" can be on www.akc.ru.

The subscription to the electronic version of the journal is available on www.elibrary.ru 
VESTNIK of Volga Region State University of Service. Series "Economics" was created to highlight and disseminate the latest scientific achievements in the field of Economics.

The aim of the journal is also combining the creative efforts of active, talented students, postgraduates, doctoral students, University professors, scientists and experts fr om different countries to solve actual problems of the economics and enhancing the scientific activities.

Mission is the reflection of the fundamental and practically important scientific and educational achievements of professors, lecturers, researchers, doctoral students, interns and graduate students of the Institute of Economics of the University, and staffs of universities and scientific organizations of Russia and CIS countries; executives and leading specialists of the regional authorities. In addition, in recent years, foreign professors’ and lecturers’ works were published in the journal(Poland).

1. Materials are accepted in the following categories:1. Macro-level 
1. Economic policy: strategy and tactics 
2. Interstate management 
3. International experience 
4. Public administration 
5. The Department of social development

2. Meso-level

1. Regional development

2. Regional services sector: economics, organization and management

3. Regional marketing

4. Markets: state and development

3. Micro-level

1. Management of human resources

2. Management and marketing

3. Investments and innovations

4. Enterprises

5. Information technologies

6. Technologies of management

7. Marketing management

8. Finance, monetary circulation and credit

4. Mathematical and Tool Methods of Economics

1. Discussions and discussions

2. Point of view

3. Short reports

Terms for publication

1. The articles are accepted in the journal VESTNIK of Volga Region State University of Service. Series "Economics" by e-mail: vestnik@tolgas.ru.

2. The articles are published on a paid basis, publication of manuscripts for postgraduate students is free of charge. The author will receive one copy of the journal with the published article, prints of the article are on the author’s request. The author’s fees for article are not provided.

The sample filling form of the payment order for nonresident authors is here.

3. All articles are reviewed. The reviews are sent to the authors and addressed to submit in the High Attestation Committee (HAC) on the request of experts councils. The period of articles review is not exceeding 3 months from the date of receipt of the manuscript.

Documents are to be submitted to the Journal Editorial Board:

1. The article (required hardcopy) signed personally by the author(s) with indication of the date of signing and executed in accordance with the requirements for the materials to be submitted for publication in the journal.

2. The Application form and Agreement for each of the co-authors of the article, the Contract for the publishing services provision.

3. The recommendation (Letters of Support) for the publication from the department administration or research department of the institution, wh ere this work is carried out. The recommendations (Letters of Support) should include the necessary information about the relevance, scientific novelty and practical significance of the submitted for publication works.

The Requirements for the Materials to be submitted for publication in the journal 
VESTNIK of Volga Region State University of Service. Series"Economics”

1. The Terms of Publication:

1.1. The editors accept for the publication only open materials in Russian and English (for foreign authors).

1.2. The article should be relevant, should have novelty and contain the tasks (problems), description of the main results research obtained by the author, conclusion.

1.3. The author agrees to display an electronic version of the article free of charge on the Internet website of the Volga Region State University of Service and on the website of the Russian Universal Scientific Electronic Library (RUSEL), published in the journal VESTNIK of Volga Region State University of Service. Series "Economics". The author believes that access to the base of RUSEL is regulated, activated on the password and controlled by the technology system.

1.4. All the articles submitted for the publication are to be checked in the system of “Antiplagiat” (the original text of the article should be no less than 90%).

1.5. Rejected articles are not returned to the authors, they are not given the external review.

1.6. The article is to be conformed to the rules for submitting articles.

2. Rules for submitting articles:

2.1. Materials for the publication have to be presented in the journal in paper and electronic (MS Word format) forms to the following address: 4, Gagarin St., Togliatti, the Publishing and Printing Center (PPC), tel.: +7 (8482)222-650, e-mail: vestnik@tolgas.ru

2.2. The text page format: A4 (210×297 mm). Fields: 2 cm from all directions. Font: (size) of - 12; - interval 1,5; - Times New Roman type; alignment on width; paragraph space of- 1 cm, without blots and inserts.

2.3. The volume of article shouldn't exceed more than 15 pages of the printing text, including illustrations and tables.


(abstracts, keywords, author's personal information)

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