Volga region state university of service

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Science and Research Department


4 Gagarin st., Togliatti, Samara region, Russia, 445677




8(8482) 26-45-61




Natalia V. Strelkova

VRSUS Innovative and Science-Research Activity

Volga Region State University of Service – an active participant of transformations, which are in the modern education, oriented on the development as the communication center of business, society, the state as the whole on the questions of science and technological prediction, advanced knowledge exchange, global problems solving. The university leaves linear model «from basic research to applied development» in favor of close cooperation with real sector of economy both in search of orders for applied development, and in search of fundamental subject for the researches.

Our university aspires to internationalization of the scientific activity which is expressing in connection with the advanced global scientific agenda, with publications in the international magazines, with the organization of international research teams. The university staff not only makes new knowledge, but also extends them through innovative activity in science and education.

Scientific and University Innovative Infrastructure

The structure of innovative and scientific divisions of university includes the centers and the departments having specialized or matrix structure.

The Process coordination of university innovative development and the management of research activity are assigned to Management of scientific researches while it is realized in the various centers, laboratories, small enterprises, and also at the institutes, at faculties and departments.

As the key process of university innovative development it is the process of a transfer of the technologies which functions are assigned to the relevant center acts.

Financed Scientific Researches and Development

Annually the university carries out more than 70 scientific works and developments both for the city and region enterprises, and for RF Ministry of Education and Science in the priority directions of a science within the departmental target program “Development of Scientific Capacity of the Higher School”. The part of scientific works is supported by the university within the scientific potential formation.

Among the customers of university scientific services - the enterprises and the organizations of Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk region, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Scientific regional projects with administrations of municipalities of the Stavropol, Syzransky, Kinelsky, Sergiyevsky areas are actively realized.

Organization of Scientific Work at VRSUS

Scientific activity at university is realized in 20 scientific directions:


  • Economy. Economic sciences
  • Culture. Cultural science
  • National education. Pedagogics
  • Linguistics
  • Art. Art criticism
  • Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronics. Radio engineering
  • Automatic equipment. Computer facilities
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Light industry
  • Construction. Architecture
  • Domestic trade. Tourist and excursion service
  • Housing and communal services. Housekeeping. Consumer services
  • Physical culture and sport
  • Common and complex problems of technical and applied sciences and branches of a national economy
  • Organization and management
  • Labor protection

9 Science schools were created at the university:

05.09.01 Electromechanics and electric devices

05.11.16 Information and measuring and managing directors of system (in a services sector)

05.13.05 Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems

05.13.10 Management in social and economic systems

07.00.10 Science and equipment history

08.00.05 Economy and management of a national economy (economy, organization and management of the enterprises, branches and services sector complexes; management of innovations; regional economy)

08.00.10 Finance, monetary circulation and credit

17.00.06 Industrial art and design

24.00.01 Theory and cultural history

Within these schools teams of scientists for performance of scientific researches are formed, the international conferences are carried out, doctoral and master's theses are protected, monographs and articles, including in the editions recommended by HA are published, the intellectual property is protected.