Volga region state university of service

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Dear entrants and parents!

Welcome to Volga Region State University of Service, the largest centre for education, science, and technology in Russia.

Our university provides modern education and guarantees its conformity to world standards.
The decisive advantage of the Volga Region State University of Service education is the uniqueness and quality, an organic amalgam of a fundamental theoretical base and state-of-the-art information technologies in the service field.
Students and graduates of the University are marked by readiness, focus on results, high communication skills, and an ability to coordinate and defend own interests, as for the atmosphere of the University, it is an atmosphere of professional freedom, mutual encouragement, and optimism.
Dear entrants, Volga Region State University of Service diploma will allow You to become a highly-qualified specialist, highly demanded on the job market.
University education in the service field implies leading knowledge, enabling autonomous, prospective, and professional thinking.
We look forward to seeing You at our University.

Yours faithfully,
Rector of Volga Region State University of Service,
Professor Lidija I. Erokhina, Doctor of Economics.