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According to the Article 6 of the Federal Law of Russian Federation 125-3 “On Higher and Postgraduate Education” (edited 13.02.2009), in Russian Federation there are the following levels of higher professional education:

Higher professional education, proved by assignment of bachelor degree to a person having successfully passed the final attestation – term of study - 4 years;

Higher professional education, proved by assignment of specialist degree to a person having successfully passed the final attestation term of study no less than 5 years;

Higher professional education, proved by assignment of master degree to a person having successfully passed the final attestation term of study 2 years.

Institute of Economics

09.03.03 Applied Informatics (Bachelor)

Profiles: Applied Informatics in Design

Applied Informatics in Information Sphere

Applied Informatics in Economics

Applied Informatics in Management

Applied Informatics in Service

10.03.01 Informational Safety (Bachelor)

Profiles: Organization and Technology of Information Safety

38.03.01 Economics (Bachelor)

Profiles: Accounting, Analysis and Auditing

Tax and Taxation

Finances and Credit

Financial Markets

Economics of Enterprises and Organizations

Labor Economics


Business Cost Estimation

38.03.02 Management (Bachelor)

Profiles: Small Business Management

Projects Management

Financial Management

Organization Management

38.03.04 State and Municipal Management (Bachelor)

Profiles: Municipal Management

Regional Management

38.03.05 Business-Informatics (Bachelor)

Profiles: Architecture of Enterprise

38.03.06 Trading business (Bachelor)

Profiles: Commerce


Advertisement in Trading

38.03.07 Merchandizing (Bachelor)

Profiles: Merchandizing and Expertise in the Sphere of Production and Circulation of Nonfoods and Raw Materials

Merchandizing Management

38.05.02 Customs Business (Specialist)

Specialization: Customs payments and currency regulation

38.04.01 Economics (Master)

38.04.02 Management (Master)

38.04.03 Staff Management (Master)

38.04.04 State and Municipal Management (Master)

38.04.06 Trading business (Master)

38.04.08 Finances and Credit (Master)

09.04.03 Applied Informatics (Master)

Institute of Tourism and Social Technologies

39.03.02 Social Work (Bachelor)

Profile: Social Work in Social Service System

42.03.01 Advertising and Public Relations (Bachelor)

Profile: Advertising and Public Relations in the System of the State and Municipal Management

43.03.02 Tourism (Bachelor)

Profiles: Technology and Organization of Tour Services

Technology and Organization of Excursion Services

Technology and Organization of Sport and Health Services

Technology and Organization of Entertainment

Technology and Organization of Transport Service

43.03.03 Hotel Business (Bachelor)

Profiles: Hotel Activity

Restaurant Activity

51.03.03 Socio-Cultural Activity (Bachelor)

Profiles: Management of Socio-Cultural Activity

Socio-Cultural Technology in Entertainment Industry

39.04.02 Social Work (Master)

43.04.03 Hotel Business (Master)

43.04.02 Tourism (Master)

Faculty of Information-Technical Service

02.03.02 Fundamental Informatics and Informational Technologies (Bachelor)

Profile: Net Technologies

09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Facilities (Bachelor)

Profile: Computer Facilities, Complexes, Systems and Nets

09.03.02 Informational Systems and Technologies (Bachelor)

Profile: Informational Systems and Technologies

09.03.04 Program Engineering (Bachelor)

Profile: Development of Program and Informational Systems

11.03.01 Radio Engineering (Bachelor)

Profile: Radio Engineering Transmission Media, Reception and Processing of Signals

11.03.02 Info-communicative Technologies and Communication Systems (Bachelor)

Profile: Systems of Mobile Connection

15.03.02 Technological Machines and Equipment (Bachelor)

Profile: Household Machinery and Appliances

23.03.01 Transport Process Technology (Bachelor)

Profile: Organization of Car Transportation

27.03.02 Quality Management (Bachelor)

Profiles: Quality Management in the Production and Technological Systems

Quality Management in Information Systems

27.03.05 Innovatics (Bachelor)

Profile: Innovation Management

29.03.01 Light Industry Products Technology (Bachelor)

Profile: Garments Technology

29.03.05 Light Industry Products Designing (Bachelor)

Profile: Garments Designing

43.03.01 Service (Bachelor)

Profiles: Information Service

Electronic Engineering Service

Vehicle Service

Service in Fashion and Beauty Industry

Production Service

09.04.01 Informatics and computer facilities (Master)

09.04.04 Program Engineering (Master)

15.04.02 Technological Machines and Equipment (Master)

Faculty of Design and Applied Art

51.03.01 Cultural Science (Bachelor)

Profile: Management in Socio-Cultural Sphere

54.03.01 Design (Bachelor)

Profiles: Graphic Design

Environment Design

Furniture Design

Interior Design

54.03.02 Decorative-Applied Arts and Crafts (Bachelor)

Profile: Ceramics Art Processing

54.03.03 Suit and Textiles Art (Bachelor)

Profile: Artistic Design of Suit

54.05.01 Monument Decorative Art

Specialization: Artistic and Decorative Art (Interior) (Specialist)

54.04.01. Design (Master)