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University Nowadays

University Nowadays

The university was created on September 1, 1981 as branch of the Moscow Institute of Technology (MIT) in Togliatti, Kuibyshev region (the order No. 263, RSFSR Ministry of Population Consumer Service, August 6, 1981).

The founder of higher education institution is the Russian Federation. The functions and management of the Founder are carried out by the RF Ministry of Education and Science (Russia, 125993, Moscow, Tverskaya St. 11. Tel. +7 (495) 539 55 19, Fax +7 (495) 629 08 91). The general management of higher education institution is carried out by an elective representative body – the Academic Council which structure includes the Rector of higher education institution as the Chairman, Vice-Rectors, Deans and other members of the Academic Council elected at the conference of scientific and pedagogical and other categories of workers by secret voting.

VRSUS is under direct control of the Rector – Lubov A. Vybornova. Can.Econ.Sci., Docent.

The Volga region state university of service carries out the educational activity according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Legal Act of the Russian Federation "About Education", the Legal Act of the Russian Federation "About the higher and postgraduate professional education", the Standard provision on the HPE educational institution, the Charter of the university and other normative legal acts. There is the License, the Certificate on the state accreditation.

The structure of university complies with the Charter of Educational Institution and allows to provide the organization and carrying out teaching and educational process, scientific and methodical work with sufficient efficiency.

The University has developed and implemented quality management system certified on conformity to the requirements of standard GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008) and the excellence model EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management).

The structure of university includes 3 institutes, 2 faculties, 11 chairs (including 9 academic), 3 interdepartment research laboratories, the center of information and computer training. The concept of long-life education is carried out at the university: higher educational programs, educational programs of secondary professional education, actual programs of additional professional education, the master programs, postgraduate programs are realized; dissertation councils on protection of master's and doctoral dissertations are functioned, additional pre-university preparation of entrants is organized.

VRSUS realizes the following levels of professional education:

a) Secondary professional education;

b) the higher education – Bachelor degree;

c) the higher education – Specialist, Master degree;

d) the higher education – highest qualification training.

Standard terms of training:

1 . On the educational programs realized according to FSES (Federal State Educational Standard):

a) Secondary professional education – 2 years 10 months, 3 years 10 months;

b) Bachelor degree – 4 years of full-time or 4.5 years of part-time form of training;

c) Specialist program – 5 years of full-time or 5.5 years of part-time form of training;

d) Master program – 2 years of full-time or 2.3 years of part-time form of training;

e) highest qualification training – 3 years (full-time tuition), 4 years (part-time tuition).

2 . On the educational programs realized according to the State Educational Standard:

 Specialist program – 5 years (full-time tuition), 5,5 years (part-time tuition).

University study is carried out in the forms of training due to the Federal state standard, on budgetary and commercial basis, mainly in the Russian language. The University's educational programs can be implemented partially or fully in foreign languages.

VRSUS Enrollment Committee organizes the admission process for training, recovery and transfer for the entrants and students. More than 150 lecturers, more than 66 % of whom awarded to academic degrees and honor titles, carry out the students training, research supervision of graduate students at the University.

VRSUS - the largest in the Volga scientific centre on socio-economic problems in the service sphere, annually performs a dozens of various research projects. There are 2 Scientific and research schools and 7 pedagogic directions as the foundation for successful scientific and educational activity of Volga Region State University of Service.

A huge amount of scientific and innovative activities: conferences, workshops and seminars with the participation of representatives of the scientific community, business and public organizations of the city, the region, Russia and foreign countries are annually organized on the basis of the University.

The University has an actual and extensive material and technical base for educational process providing, where the significant funds are regularly invested. All the main educational processes for students are automated at the University. Electronic and communication technologies allow to carry out on-line training activities, provide remote access to the educational content. The University achieved a high degree of involvement in the virtual space: with any of 900 VRSUS computers you can serf the Internet and the University intranet, the students have unlimited access to the Internet via LAN and wi-fi Internet access.

VRSUS scientific library has extensive PC Park, functioning within the electronic library system. The library has about 800 thousand prints and more than 5000 electronic documents.

VRSUS socio-cultural environment is formed within the comfortable hostel for incoming students, there are 3 students' cafes, Department of disease prevention, security service and access control in all buildings and structures of the University, a modern sports infrastructure. A barrier-free environment For students with disabilities is formed as well at the University, the availability of professional education and training is ensured.

Student life at the University is presented brightly and variously, every year VRSUS Centre of Extracurricular Activities organizes more than 130 students activities such as student holidays, contests, theme parties and many others.

Division of monitoring, practical training and employment organizes the training and production practice for VRSUS students in the largest organizations of the city and region, maximum assistanced to graduates’ employment.

VRSUS International Affairs Office coordinates the exchange of students and teaching staff, their training and participation in the international programs, conferences, seminars and internships. The VRSUS graduates can get an International Diploma Supplement.

The University is a source of manpower for industrial enterprises, scientific research institutions and higher educational institutions in the Volga region. The University graduates are successfully employed at the enterprises of city, region, country, and abroad, many of them start their own business.


The overall schedule of work of Volga state University of service  

VRSUS Structural Subdivisions

VRSUS teaching staff 
Mon-Fri - 9.00  and according to the schedule of the training sessions, consultations 
Saturday - 8.30 and according to the schedule of the training sessions, consultations 

VRSUS Administration, engineering and technical and service staff

Mon-Thur: 09.00-18.00     
lunch break from 13.00 till 13.45

Friday: 09.00-16.45

Address: 445677, Gagarin St. 4., Togliatti, Samara region, Russia 
Contact phones: reception desk +7 (8482) 26 35 38

Fax: +7 (8482) 26 40 66. 
E-mail: office@tolgas.ru 


Sites: www.tolgas.ru www.я-абитуриент-пвгус.рф

Admission Committee